1 Reason Why You’re Not Convincing Anyone To Show Up

Kenny Jahng —  2013/06/22 — 1 Comment

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I know you’re doing a lot to shout it out to the community that you exist, you offer so much, and that everyone should be knocking down your doors to join you.

BUT…there’s 1 big reason why you’re not convincing anyone to show up.

It’s the way you’re communicating to the public.

Katya’s non-profit markting/fundraising blog is one that I follow regularly.  Although this recent post talks about donor development communications overall, one of the points just rings true across all cause-related organizations — including YOURS.

Illustrate your impact—in human terms…

[Keep people] engaged with inspiring stories of the individuals they help through their work. 
To do: Go beyond dry facts and mass statistics, follow your impact to one individual and bring that story to life


If we looked at all of your published pieces, would we see the “impact IN HUMAN TERMS”?  Do you portray the impact of what you do has had on any one individual?  Have you told any tangible, specific stories of transformation?

Or are you just repeating tons of claims, offers and invitations?

This is a POWERFUL insight into the “show, don’t tell” approach we all need to strive for in our messaging.  Without making what you do relevant IN HUMAN TERMS, no one is ever going to show up.

DO YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE? Share your pushback or feedback in the comments below


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