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Known for his church of 8,000 Strong & the “fastest growing church” according to ABC News, Pastor Mark Driscoll was featured on Nightline this week.

If you know him or know of him, you are sure to have a personal opinion about if what he’s doing at Mars Hill Church is “right” or “wrong”.  (BTW, Mars Hill Church is not to be confused with Mars Hill Bible Church where Pastor Rob Bell preaches — a personal favorite of mine with his Nooma series)

headshot-mark-driscollMark Driscoll has written a bunch of book that are refreshing for anyone that thinks the Church needs some shaking up, while hanging onto its core beliefs.  I want to share his ministry because anyone that wants to get to Church 3.0 needs to be aware of the things that are being done NOW to mix it up for how we “do church”.  Mark Driscoll’s work at Mars Hill is one of those data points you need to understand in order to integrate, refute or augment in your own vision for religion and Christian living.

For those that missed the TV interview, here it is again for your viewing pleasure: Continue Reading…

I found myself in line at the grocery store in a daze, waiting for my turn to empty the wallet again (Am I the only one noticing that food prices have skyrocketed lately?).

But I suddenly awoke in noticing that the 3 people ahead of me all had these big colorful containers…of Mr. Peanut Dry Roasted Peanuts!  How odd. . .that 3 in a row picked-up the same item.


So I quickly turned around and scanned the end-caps for a promotional display. I didn’t find one, but did see the aisle in which peanuts would be found.  I abandoned the line and went in search of Mr. Peanut. Why? Purely because of the packaging.

Sure enough, I found Mr. Peanut and he accompanied me back to the checkout line (yes, I got the same spot in line again).

This impulse buy kept me thinking as I snacked throughout the week. It seemed like just another classic success story in product marketing. “Who better to serve American’s favorite peanuts than Mr. Peanut himself?”

But what I’ve come to understand in my week long relationship with Mr. Peanut is that the Church has something to learn from him: Continue Reading…

This week, I picked up on a topic that has been floating around Liquid Church’s iCampus which has been stuck in my mind.

So today, I wanted to start a conversation about the nuances in language we encounter so often in our conversations regarding church and faith.

Take a look at this video and join the conversation by leaving a comment below!

In the age of Facebook, Twitter, Digg and other digital modes of expression, the new Google generation is comfortable with blurring the lines between offline and online worlds.

“Doing church online” is not a big stretch for the up and coming digerati crowd. I’ve been attending the Internet Campus live worship experiences at recently and feel connected to Pastor Brandon or some other brothers and sisters that I’ve met repeatedly during the iCampus worship experiences.

During the week, I trade Twitter tweets and post comments on blogs which explore tangential issues on a deeper level.

Just as in offline churches, the next step is building relationships that invest in each other’s lives based on trust, genuine love and fellowship. is going about forming these LifeGroups amongst the hundreds and hundreds of worship experience participants who show up each week online.

Here’s one example of an Internet ministry that gets it right in reaching out. . . Continue Reading…

One of the first thoughts people express when you talk about an online church or iCampus is how individualistic it might be. The first conclusions tend to head toward assuming technology doesn’t lend itself to connect people with each other.

But the true power of the Internet is aggregation of individuals. The real effect comes into play as more and more individuals who may normally never meet each other or even be aware of each other’s existence are brought together for common purposes. It’s a network after all, not billions of separated silos.

We are called to worship God together with the body of Christ, not alone in a corner. And if you take another look at the potential for using the Internet to bring together all who are yearning for greater purpose in their lives, to be encouraged by others and also encourage others as well, you’ll simply be amazed.

liquid-church-icampusIf you open your eyes and mind a little wider, you’ll hopefully be able to see both the “I” as well as the “US” in iCampus.

Liquid Church in NJ is taking this vision and putting it into action with the launch of their own official church iCampus in January.

Perfect for the New Year and new beginnings, why not try something new on January 11 and jump online to join in iWorship at the Liquid Church iCampus?

Current plans include digital hosts in each room, live prayer rooms where your personal spiritual needs can be met, and live video-based (multiple webcams) small group Bible study meetings online.

Pastor Dave Adamson heads up the iCampus at Liquid.  An example of the potential for this medium himself, he moved from Australia to New Jersey after connecting with Liquid from the other side of the planet!

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