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As a parent, I’m always on the lookout for tips and reminders to help me be “on my toes” as a parent and work toward being the Super-Dad I want to be.

Today I received an email from regarding developmental milestones of my 4 year old son.

Are You Moodier Than A 4 Year Old?

The email from the parenting website that focuses on the 0-5 year old set shared some advice about the emotional development my son may be experiencing these days.

Here’s one segment of the email I received regarding moodiness of a 4 year old:


Part of your child’s personality is moodiness. Even the most even-tempered child will experience moodiness at some time. Helping your child recognize what triggers his moodiness, learning how to control moodiness, and finding ways to overcome moodiness are essential to his development.

Part of managing moodiness is understanding the factors that trigger moodiness in your child. Some of the common factors are sleepiness, hunger, and frustration. Knowing what commonly triggers moodiness in your child and having him take ownership in avoiding situations that trigger it will help. For example, if hunger triggers it, remember to take a healthy snack when going out. Sometimes the type of diet your child has can affect his emotions. Paying attention to the way he reacts to different kinds of foods may help with some moodiness. . .

[exceprt from article]

In order to help my little guy in figuring out how to initiate, build, and manage his relationships over the next several months in particular I realize that the first step is to help him to self-inventory his own feelings at any given moment.

Being able to put a finger on how he feels right now will help him interact with his friends and sister (& mom and dad!) with much better results. Of course this is a classic win-win situation.

But then while I reflected upon this advice, it hit me Continue Reading…

One of the most popular classic product marketing legends centers on 5 letters that incredibly turbo-charged sales.

By printing these six letters on the product label, sales had a significant and recurring boost.

It was a was a win-win situation.  The company’s products flew off the shelves.  Consumers used the product more, experienced more effective results, and felt better about it.

What were these incredible 5 letters? Continue Reading…

Some of the world’s biggest marketing successes weren’t launched by $1 million/minute Superbowl commercials, loss-leader discount promotions or gimmicky jingle-heavy radio spots.

Instead, a product, service, or person catches on when the right things come into alignment.  And many times none of this costs any money at all.


Did you know there’s a formalized discipline to crafting “buzz”?  Yup, there is.

This is the part where the Church could get a little extra boost by taking notes from. . . Continue Reading…

headshotbenjamin-whiteMy name is Benjamin White. I study Theology and the Bible at Princeton Theological Seminary — and I am a coordinator and cell leader of Circle of Hope Church (, a network of cells in the Philadelphia metro area.

Spurred by Kenny’s recent posts, I was just looking at the websites of a few of our nation’s major mega churches (hardly an exhaustive sampling I assure you).

I noticed that none of these churches posted any real information about the people who were the church (at least not anywhere I could readily access it). All of the pictures were professional and all of the contact info was part of the machine. Look, another excellently lit, joyful mother and child fading into a sweet shot of a padded teen doing a frontside nose grind! If you need help call the prayer line! If you need childcare take this ticket and follow the blinking lights to the proper pod!

There is no way to actually connect, human to human. Where is the mess? Continue Reading…