Archives For 2009/05/19

Tim Keller’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church has a very unique and exciting ministry called the Center for Faith and Work.

I say unique because CFW seems be Keller’s twist on Neibuhr’s Christ and Culture model of transformation and change.  As with everything else Redeemer, the explicit focus on how Faith and Work intersect considers the urban environment of NYC in which Redemer members live/work.

It is exciting because this ministry is addressing the issues head-on for those that do see the disconnect in their workplace and spiritual sides of life.

Am I an MBA who happens to be Christian?  Or a Christian MBA that applies my Judeo-Christian values to work?  Or an MBA Christian that takes best-of-breed business models to apply against faith-based vocational opportunities?

What I’ve realized is that the way I choose to define myself makes a difference in everything else I do in daily living.   Redeemer’s Center for Faith and Work has even carved out a focus for entrepreneurs and SMB owners.

I have recently been invited to present at the Entrepreneurship Initiative’s fellowship group meeting (one of the various vertically-organized vocation groups within CFW).

So if you’re in the NYC area today, join us as I share some learnings from my tech + marketing experiences with the others in the group.