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Today, Facebook flipped the switch on Len Sweet. Apparently a “hater” reported one of Dr. Sweet’s Napkin Scribbles podcast links as “hostile.”

It goes to show you that the power of the press is certainly alive. It also shows how the Internet has democratized everything. The power of one can shut down a megaphone for Xtianity with one simple email. We are at the mercy of the Google’s, Facebook’s and Twitter’s of the world.


Perhaps it is time to see the power of P2P networks and figure out how ‘the people’ can harness it for syndicating content via our micro-blogging venues. But that’s a whole different blog post.

Because of this one hater report, his iTunes podcast landing page URL actually got onto some of the major URL blacklist / spam lists for ISPs within hours — and it will stay blocked via various means until they do a manual review to wipe it off. (for example, won’t allow you to create a shortcut URL to it because it thinks it is malware now).

Well in the meantime, here’s the actual podcast that got Len Sweet banned from Facebook and other places. Sit back and enjoy some censored content right now:

We won’t know what the original report had an objection to, but can you find anything in this podcast that might be deemed offensive or hostile?  Leave a comment below.

Aetheist 2.0

godvertiser —  2009/10/01 — 5 Comments

When engaging the world in our now post-Christian times, I really feel that the Church needs to perk up its ears to the message that atheists are pushing against the existence of God. The campaigns are getting more sophisticated, media savvy and loud.

This video is fast and fluid and you’ll feel the persuasiveness as the message proceeds:

Aside from the petty, but gross misunderstanding shown in the portrayal of Christian’s imposition upon others, how do you respond to this type of bold argument?

For me, I see that if you take a moment to think about the path of this argument, you’ll understand that some basic epistemological criteria are ignored in dealing with supernatural issues. One area I think those that want to pursue atheistic positions should consider further is the assumption that subjective experiences cannot be used as evidence for assessing objective reality. Or whether logic and reason can be relied upon solely in determining God does NOT exist. The Christian claim is supernatural. It ain’t logical at all.

If we are to be called heralds for God, we seriously need to understand the campaign against God and the Church. Listening to their pitch is the first step.

How do you respond to this specific video? How do you respond to the atheist of today?

One of the advantages for most going to Princeton Theological Seminary is the size of the institution’s endowment because that translates into 90% of the students receiving some type of financial aid.  I have heard something like 80+% receive a full ride.  So on top of the academic competitiveness, there’s the free money thing that ups the competition to get in the door.

But of course that means there’s 10-20% of the seminarians that definitely need to find some green to fund their education.

Logos Software is doing their part to chip in and is giving away one $1000 seminary scholarship each quarter.  The Logos Bible Software Seminary Scholarship is open to all students currently enrolled in an accredited theological seminary located in North America, or those who plan on enrolling within the next 8 months.   One incentive to apply (other than hard cold cash?!) is that I was offered a 30% discount on their software just for applying.

The only requirements is to watch a 15 min video promoting their Logo Bible software and filling out a one page form.  Seems like a no brainer for anyone that is hitting the books…or I guess, THE Book actually.

By the way, if you are awarded the $1,000.00 Tuition Scholarship, you’ll also get their Logos Scholar’s Library which contains over 330 titles — supposedly, in print, all these titles would cost over $6,100.  Theological book nerds should be drooling over this offer just because of this. Check out all the books you’ll get for free: Continue Reading…