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Recently, we announced a free giveaway sponsored by the nice guys over at Logo Bible Software company here on

Although you were probably wishing for free software, it was actually for some free soft wear. hehe.

So we had a bunch of entries and finally picked three random winners from the comment entrants — Drum Roll Please . . .

The winners are:

  • Scott Adamson

  • JoshInThe818

  • Ryan Strother

Woohoo!¬† You guys will be strutting your stuff shortly as you proudly display your Logos Bible SoftWEAR! ūüėÄ

Logos Bible Study Software

So what’s next?¬† Come back next week to when we’ll announce a really cool freebie giveway we already have planned for you.¬†

HINT: The free contest prize involves something as small as a pack of gum, but carries 66 books inside, and you can *listen* to it on the go (yup, that would mean it is battery-powered!)

Today, we hear from guest blogger Pastor Ryan of Central Baptist Church in Ohio. He chimes in on how we all have a choice in building assets or liabilities for the Church.

Last week, I saw on the local news and then read about a church around Columbus, OH, who is involved in an ongoing battle of protesting with a strip club.  The short version: this church has been protesting outside the strip club for several years now, even to the extent of photographing club goers and their license plates and posting online.  Now, the dancers from that club are protesting outside of the church on Sunday mornings.  It appears that both parties are stubborn and are not going to stop anytime soon.

Recently, the big news was about the church in Florida who was going to burn a Quran on 9/11 in protest of Islam.  This absurd situation is drawing negative attention even from military leaders and our Secretary of State.

I look at these situations involving two local churches and I can’t help but wonder what their real motivation is in acting this way. ¬†Because they certainly aren’t acting like the church as Jesus intended. Continue Reading…

Long after the Biblical account of the parting of the Red Sea, people have questioned Moses’ miraculous actions.¬† Sure, sometimes the stories we read in the Scriptures seem outlandish or mythical to our own sensibilities in the world we live in. But the question remains however if it is physically possible to have happened?

Science has come to the aid of at least this one Biblical record, showing how a body of water can in fact by parted to the degree where 6 foot walls surround a dry passage across it.

Amazing? Yes.  Possible? Yes.

Even cooler? The researchers have found an actual geographic location where this rare occurrence might have and can occur based on the present land form, underwater structures, etc.

Check out this video where a researcher from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU) briefly explains their findings:

QUESTION: Does your faith require science to confirm your hesitations about the Truth given to us in the Scriptures?

Today I was treated to a very inviting subject header from the card of choice in my wallet.   The email header teased about two great new features of my membership.

Would you open it? Of course you would.¬† And that’s exactly what I did.

But once inside, I found an email from Amex that it basically was a total waste of my time.  As a result, my small excitement turned immediately into a big annoyance with the American Express brand.

“How dare they?!” I was left muttering.

So what was in that email to now makes me associate negative feelings with that brand in my mind?

Continue Reading…

“M&M’s Make Friends.”

Everyone pretty much knows it, right?¬† They’ve been around forever.

The thing is that all this while, we’ve become accustomed to thinking about them in the same way, even as the options have flourished to 25 different colors.

I bet if you closed you eyes and someone asks you to think of M&M chocolate candies, you’ll envision the good ol’ brown bags that is a staple of Halloween treats block after block after block. . .

Asked how much you’d expect to spend on an M&M’s purchase and you’ll also probably think about picking one up at the register of the grocery or convenience store — something between 50 cents to a buck or two at the register, right?¬† How much can the large bag of M&M’s really cost?¬† $2 bucks at the most for sure.

But guess what, the average purchase is NO WHERE NEAR THAT at this grocery store I was in recently.¬† But WHY? you ask?¬† Here’s why. . . Continue Reading…

How many UNREAD¬†EMAILS do you have in your Inbox right now?¬† Yup, right now.¬† Go ahead and check and then come back here — just make sure you don’t delete any!

Be honest, is your Inbox overflowing?

Are there emails in there you just don’t want to deal with?

Today, I caught a glimpse of my friend’s iPhone home screen…reminding him he had 721 emails waiting for him to attend to!

Continue Reading…

Today I spent some time at a local airport that mainly serves small private planes.

There’s a flight school that gives instruction in a hanger right there off the runway. New pilots are commissioned after going through training that teaches the basics and live in-the-air lessons.

As I head out to a weekend retreat this week, I share some of the reflections about the spiritual highs that we may experience after an amazing Christian conference, church retreat or even after hearing a famous preacher’s sermonic mastery in the pulpit.

But there’s one crticial lesson of flying high that pilots are taught in flight school which God’s people may benefit from regarding their own personal faith journey. Check out this short video where I share my thoughts. . . Continue Reading…