A Facebook Christmas – Social Media Tells The Story

Kenny Jahng —  2010/12/21 — 2 Comments

Last time, I shared a video of the digital nativity story.

It has garnered a lot of press around the world because of its timely and smart execution.

Kudos to the Portual-based team that produced it.

Now, others are jumping on the bandwagon after all the buzz that’s been going around (that’s the power of social media, right?).

I present to you this time . . . A Facebook Christmas story. . .

While there are critics who’s knee-jerk reactions will be to shout out how shallow and trendy these versions are — I wonder if you really quizzed people, especially younger ones, about the actual storyline — would they be able to tell the story better before they saw these videos or afterwards?

I would be willing to bet that since this video is so contextualized to the Facebook generation, a good portion of the group would be able to reconstruct the basics of the storyline in much better fashion than through the accumulated exposure to all the Christmas plays at church over the year as they were growing up.

Take a look for yourself at this video:

QUESTION: Does this video tell the story well enough?

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2 responses to A Facebook Christmas – Social Media Tells The Story

  1. To answer the question: yes! Furthermore, using a social network to highlight Mary and Joseph's social network was a great idea. The video teaches beyond the traditional born-in-a-manger, wise-men-bearing-gifts themes that are true yet incomplete pictures of the birth of Christ.

    • Seth – yes, I love the way it reinforces the relationship framework. Love the 'unfriending' moves too. People immediate think of "why? What prompts them to unfriend?" and makes them think of the context, issues with Joseph and Mary…etc.

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