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One of the brothers at our church, Gil Kim, offered up this congregational prayer during a recent Sunday morning worship service. Throughout the prayer you could feel his trembling and crying out to God coming from inside — which gave these words below tangible authenticity in spirit. While some prayers are completely ad-hoc, I was glad to find out Gil had some written cues for his prayer offering. I asked him if he could flesh them out into a publishable text representing the prayer he led during service to share here with you. As you read this text, perhaps you can join in with your own prayer following Gil’s A-C-T-S framework.


Let us go to God in prayer….

[Adoration] Father God, we come before you in prayer, humbled by your majesty, feeling small and unworthy of your Grace. Lord, before a word is spoken from our lips, you know what is in our hearts. And although we strive to know your thoughts, we will always be short. We wish and hope to follow your will, for if we do the things that are pleasing to you, who or what can be against us? Not one soul . . . not a whole nation. Lead us in the way everlasting. (Inspired by Psalm 139)

[Confession] Lord, teach us how to repent. Teach us to hate evil and move away from sin. Lord, we have done so many bad things in our lives. We have made others cry for all the wrong reasons. We have coveted other people’s wealth and given respect to the amount of money or the size of the house our neighbors have. We have spread rumors and lies on occasion, all the while thinking we are good and Godly people. Lord, teach us to repent.

[Thanksgiving] Lord, we thank you for giving us your only begotten son, Jesus Christ. Thank you for the Bible, which shows us how to live our lives. Thank you for the cross, for when Jesus sacrificed himself, he became the Lamb of God. With his blood, he washed away ALL OF OUR SINS. He made us pure in your eyes and gave us an opportunity to have fellowship with You again. Please let us not squander this opportunity, but instead share it with others.

Thank you Lord for our beautiful wives, our endearing husbands, our loving parents, and for our adorable children. Thank you for letting us understand through our children, why we are punished, why we are disciplined, why things are withheld from us. We know now that we do the same things to our children because we love them. All of these things are signs of love, difficult to understand to the child and also difficult for us to understand with you. Please continue to teach us how to live our lives in Christ.

[Supplication] Lord, we pray for those in need. We pray for the hungry, for the homeless, for those who have not yet been saved. Teach us to embrace them, to help whomever crosses our path, for that random meeting is not coincidence, it is a divine opportunity to show the love of Jesus by action. We hope through the suffering, you create perseverance, character and finally hope in us. And hope does not disappoint us because YOU have poured out YOUR love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom YOU have given us (Romans 5:5).

Lord, we pray for our pastors and their families. Let the Holy Spirit continue to guide them in all things. We pray for all the ministries in Cornerstone. For all the people who do not get worldly praise, but are building treasures in heaven. Praise God for all who serve Christ; to serve is to live in Christ and to serve to grow in Christ. May we continue to grow, work in unity and harmony with each other.

[Closing] As Christians, we have been taught to live a life of humbleness and forgiveness. Please let us remember to remove our pride and always love one another.

We pray ALL of this in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

How do the congregational prayers offered at your church resemble or differ from this sample congregational prayer above? Please leave a comment to let us know how so?

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