One Opportunity Every Church Pastor Should Know About

Kenny Jahng —  2013/01/27 — 4 Comments

I’m excited because this month at Liquid Church we are launching a massive campaign to get up to 3,000 people to read the entire New Testament Bible in 40 days all together as a community.

If you aren’t aware of some of the trends going on with Bible engagement and churches today, take a look at the infographic I pulled together to help share the situation in the Church:


Bible Engagement Trends


So for 40 days leading up to Easter, we will be reading the Bible in 225 small groups across New Jersey. We even have several church online groups forming so that our community of online worshippers can participate with us. All the details are available at

Bible reading campaign


The program is being put together in collaboration with Biblica, who is the copyright holder of the NIV Bible. We have been able to produce thousands of custom printed Bibles for our campaign through their Community Bible Experience. With Biblica’s help, we’ve also been able to make it available in PDF, Kindle, ePub, and audio formats. In addition, we’ve produced a spanish translation as well as kids versions of the daily bible readings. We’ve got iTunes podcasts. We also have links to the YouVersion reading plan available for your smart phone. And to top it off, we have a daily email devotional that will be sent out every day to keep everyone encouraged and on track. There you go, no excuse NOT to read it with us.

I’m excited to see what happens when our entire community is in sync reading the same portions of text weekly over the next 8 weeks. What is been surprising is the enthusiasm people have shown to sign-up to read together. You would think in today’s day and age that reading the entire NT Bible wouldn’t be a huge draw. But by doing it together, it has brought out the best participation and energy we have seen in awhile.

Have you ever read the Bible together with your entire church? How did it go?

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4 responses to One Opportunity Every Church Pastor Should Know About

  1. We’ve started on reading the NT, as a church, in a year. There are 260 chapters in the NT and 260 weekdays (Mon-Fri) in a year. So we all read a chapter a day together. It’s been *very* encouraging so far with people sharing on Facebook and Twitter (#read260).

    • So interesting and a neat way to divvy it up!

      I encourage you to check out the Community Bible Experience from Biblica. The reading experience tends to come off very very differently for people who have been reading the Bible beforehand. For people that are new to the Bible, it really brings it alive. Hard to explain without meeting people who are reading this version of the NIV.

  2. In your infographic you misspelled the word millennial. It should have two n’s not one. This is not a big deal to me but I know someone will point it out very soon.

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