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Do you agree? Or disagree with Seth Godin?  Leave a comment below with your reaction.

Seth Godin quote on life, vocation and vacation

Are you compartmentalizing you your vocation from your vacation?

Do you live to work or work to live?  Or is there a third option?

communication approach

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So many times the core offering is great, but it falls on dead ears. Why?

Have you ever considered it was because the user experience was lacking?

What if you reinvented the *experience* you are delivering along with your core offering? Most likely, you haven’t paid as much attention to the “post-sale” experience as you do to the crafting of the core offering to your audience targets.

Check out these fast food reinventions of the user experience:




When seeing these new environments, i was impressed. They woke up and realized they needed to consider the people they depend upon — their customers.

If McDonald’s and KFC can pay attention to the experience they offer and really consider how the customer engages with their brand, can’t you too?

What can you do to really ramp up the experience interacting with your organization?

Tomorrow I have the privilege of meeting up with some of the good folks over at in a Google+ Hangout.

If you are around, please consider joining the conversation as we talk about faith, tech and our work. Or follow the conversation with #THCLive


G+ hangout: at 3pm EST on February 27

American Express Open Forum recently featured some of my tips for holiday commerce tactics. I love the site for all of the practical advice and case examples they share for the small business / entrepreneur. First, go take a quick read of this article on “The Holiday Home Stretch”

Kenny Jahng marketing expert featured in American Express Open Forum article


The general ideas presented in this article are fair game for non-profit, ministry and cause-related efforts.   Mark Batterson’s National Community Church has taken the idea of gift catalogs and wrapped it around missions giving.  A Christmastime catalog of giving opportunities.  The program has become so successful that they are making it an annual tradition at their church.




Some of the keys to success here are:

  • Positioning things that normally aren’t thought of in a giving paradigm into one that makes it sharable with someone else.
  • Presenting the opportunities so that they are in various price categories.  People need to have access to various entry points for giving.
  • Showing the transformation or impact in a tangible way so that someone understands HOW their contribution will make a difference.
  • Ensuring there is a diversity of opportunities — types of gifts, recurring vs one-time, price levels, bundles that appeal to different demographic groups (kids vs. adults. women vs. men, family vs. singles, individual vs. groups, etc).

What can you do with your giving opportunities to “put a bow on it”?

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Everyone is going nuts of this new Diet Coke commercial for the 007 Movie.

Why does it work? Because it engages the inner 007 in all of us.

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This is one of the silliest videos ever.

But it’s one of the most impactful ever because it is so dead-simple, yet it works.

Get ready to repeat these two magical words as you watch the video:



I love the reasoning for shaking 12 times. Why 12? Because the number 12 —  is the biggest number with just one syllable. HA!

The best part?  It really really works!  It’s kind of amazing that you can get dry hands with just one sheet of paper towel.

It’s mind boggling that if we can get down to 1 towel per person over the course of a year = 571,230,000 lbs of paper saved.  Wow.

Will you try the SHAKE & FOLD yourself?  Please let me know by dropping a quick comment below.