Cell Phones in Church

Kenny Jahng —  2013/02/23 — 2 Comments

Do you use your cell phone in church?

Is it encouraged or shunned in your church?

Churches that discourage cell phone use during church worship service

Westminster Presbyterian Church is part of the Presbytery of San Fernando in Burbank, CA. Prior to the service they actually showed this video of how they handle cell phones in church.

This is such a great topic because you’re probably firmly rooted one side or the other.  .  .

Either cell phones are a menace, to the preacher, to the people around you, and a distraction from the activity of worship itself OR it can be an amazing tool that augments the worship experience as well as empowering the congregation to be evangelistic *during* the actual service itself.  

What is interesting is that ministries like YouVersion have even explicitly built services to encourage smart phone usage in church.

Which side are you on?  Are smart phone cell phones something that should be allows in church? Share your comments below.

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2 responses to Cell Phones in Church

  1. I think that they have a place in Church. I just wish their was a sign I could hold up when I’m using it saying, “NOT ON FACEBOOK- Posting something intelligent the pastor just said on Twitter. Judge someone else…” My issue is I feel like people will think that I am “checking out” of the message. Yet, what I am trying to do is share with my networks whatever just struck me as thought provoking or profound.

    • I think that’s a great point, but one of the fundamental questions isn’t if you’re doing something church related or checking the latest GroupOn deal out on Sunday morning. One of the questions here is if doing that is a distraction from letting you absorb the Word being preached fully. What about the argument that you can tweet it out or post it on Facebook later? You’re in church for only an hour or so listening to a sermon, doesn’t it deserve your full undivided attention?

      Studies show that multitasking is not all that it is cracked up to be. Isn’t that what is happening here when you go to your smart phone to quote the pastor on a status update?

      This isn’t necessarily my personal position on the matter, but I do acknowledge that there still is a bit of friction in executing on the intended activity. There’s still a lag when you turn on the phone, swipe through to find the app, launch it, write the status, check to see some crazy autocorrect doesn’t happen on your holy tweet, and then post it.

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