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Today, we hear from guest blogger Pastor Ryan of Central Baptist Church in Ohio. He chimes in on how we all have a choice in building assets or liabilities for the Church.

Last week, I saw on the local news and then read about a church around Columbus, OH, who is involved in an ongoing battle of protesting with a strip club.  The short version: this church has been protesting outside the strip club for several years now, even to the extent of photographing club goers and their license plates and posting online.  Now, the dancers from that club are protesting outside of the church on Sunday mornings.  It appears that both parties are stubborn and are not going to stop anytime soon.

Recently, the big news was about the church in Florida who was going to burn a Quran on 9/11 in protest of Islam.  This absurd situation is drawing negative attention even from military leaders and our Secretary of State.

I look at these situations involving two local churches and I can’t help but wonder what their real motivation is in acting this way.  Because they certainly aren’t acting like the church as Jesus intended.

It’s a shame that these churches are making the news because they are being a liability to their communities. defines “liability” as something disadvantageous (2nd definition).  Certainly, the actions of these churches are disadvantageous to their communities.  All they are doing is angering people and forcing people to choose sides in an argument.  The situations might even be bringing some Christians to sinful attitudes and actions.  These churches are becoming known for actions that incite anger, instead of actions that incite love.

I firmly believe that we will be able to see more people come to salvation in Jesus if our communities view out churches as an asset, not a liability.  “Asset” is defined as “a useful and desirable thing or quality” (, definition #1).  What if your community saw your church as a useful and desirable thing instead of something disadvantageous?  I think it would open more doors to be the ambassadors of Christ we are called to be in Scripture (2 Cor. 5:20).

A church is an asset when it becomes a leader in flood relief efforts in its community.

A church is an asset when it works to provide physical needs for its neighbors.

A church can be an asset in any way that will help serve practical needs.  My church had an opportunity to create and manage a “Baby Comfort Area” at one of our town’s largest events: the Marion Popcorn Festival.  This area was simply a place for parents to change diapers while they’re at the festival.  We cleaned up after them and gave them a little gift bag with information about who were and a little bottle of hand sanitizer.

As the festival planning committee met and discussed the plan, they came back to us, saying “We can’t believe you’re willing to do this for us.”  And many, many people kept saying “thank you” while we were at the festival.  And it was a simple, practical act of service.

That’s what it means to be an asset. And I’m glad my church could be seen as an asset to the community.

Churches: please be an asset to your community, not a liability, and represent Christ well!

QUESTION: How are you leading your church to get involved in your community?

Ryan Strother is the senior pastor of Central Baptist Church in Marion, OH.  He enjoys riding his motorcycle, taking family fun trips, and reading outside during storms.  Find him at his blog, or on Twitter or Facebook.

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