CNN Discovers Church Online

godvertiser —  2010/03/12 — 2 Comments

As of now, there are 48 fully online churches that exist in the world like and

Full-fledged online communities complete with pastoral leadership and ministry leaders specifically attending to the online participants around the world.  “Online Church Pastor” is new title for many people to find out about.

CNN apparently has recently discovered that thousands of people are gathering online in community via the Internet.

Like many CNN segments, this one is cursory in nature, but at least it helps introduce the masses to this new, but fully-here-to-stay permutation of doing church:

What do you think was the takeaway which the public got from this TV segment? Is it an accurate portrayal of doing church online? Leave your thoughts in a comment below please!

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2 responses to CNN Discovers Church Online

  1. Hey Kenny.

    I think the takeaway people get form this report is that Church Online is mostly for people who are traveling or sick. This is not the case. Sure at Liquid Church Online we have a lot of soldiers watching from their laptops in various parts of the world and people who are unable to come to a campus for physical or other reasons … but we also get hundreds of people who log on simply because they see Liquid Church Online as "their church"! This is where they meet God and are encouraged, empowered, discipled and/or disciplined.

    Church Online can be a place where people can take the next steps in their faith and grow into mature Christ followers offline. I'm reminded of Paul writing to the Colossians (using the technology of his day) and saying: For though I am absent from you in body, I am present with you in spirit and delight to see how orderly you are and how firm your faith in Christ is. (2:5). As a Church Online Pastor, I am encouraged by this verse because it reminds me that people can be pastored and grow in their faith from a distance.

    Church Online is more than just a tool for the sick or the absent – it's a place where the technology of our day is being utilized for a Kingdom purpose!

  2. I believe one of the best case studies for is how church online bought random visitors to the worship experience within a city together and now they've formed a physical church "plant" per se in Australia. It is one "success story" for how church online's continuum that ends up in another physical location to worship in community, while still using the technology to maintain connections with others around the globe. I encourage you to publish something on that portion of LQD's church evolution.

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