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Kenny Jahng —  2012/06/22 — 32 Comments
Pinterest Pinboards of Churches
Recently, I pointed out that Pinterest is prime for churches to embrace and start pinning.  If you do it right, there’s potential to generate word of mouth and traffic to your church website.

Here is a complete list of churches that have a presence on Pinterest:

Denomination Pinterest Pinners:
  • PC (USA)
As you can tell, there really aren’t a ton of churches that have hopped onto the Pinterest platform yet.  (Actually there are — but a lot of them are still with zero pins, no photos, no profile photos, no descriptions, etc.  I didn’t include those in this list above.)
I think a big reason for this is that most church communications people that have thought about getting onto Pinterest haven’t really figured out what you’re supposed do on Pinterest if you are representing a church.
Strategically, there’s a bunch of things you should consider pinning in order to gain exposure and start engaging with your community.  I’ll share more of the details for some of this soon, but here’s a category list to get you started:
  • Help prospective visitors figure out your church — take photos that help propsective visitors know what they’ll encounter if they come to visit.  Take photos of your worship environment, your fellowship hall, kids ministry rooms, bathrooms, parking, offices, people, greeters, worship services, etc.
  • Illustrate a dynamic church life — events, neat photo angles of various parts of your building, staff, leaders, etc.
  • Show your links to partner organizations — any organizations you work with, partner with or serve
  • Collect sermon / discipleship content — Books, resources, your sermon notes, scripture references.
  • Become the #1 advocate for living in your town — the church should become the advocate for living where you are.  Become the tour guide, the local expert, the concierge that shows up all the nook and cranny goodness of the city and surrounding towns you live in.  This means pinboards for restaurants, professional services, sports, schools, annual events & festivals, and more.

Do you know of any churches that have a Pinterest presence (with at least ONE pin please!)?   Please leave the name, location and URL in the comments below.

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  • Peter Gowesky

    I think that your last point is awesome. I agree with you that the church should be the number one banner waver of their community. We should be our community’s biggest fan. I am intrigued at what that means for how churches engage Pinterest. I have seen an example of how a pastor engaged a community and blessed that community by more than just his preaching. Yet, I haven’t see an example online yet. That could be a great follow up post.
    Does anybody have any examples of it being done? I’d love to read more about that.

    • Kenny Jahng

      Great point Peter. The only way to do that is through relational engagement. So for a church to do that, it would mean engaging in relationships online. Not being afraid to become advocates for things that are not theologically bound around town. Why isn’t a portion of the bulletin or website or Pinterest boards devoting some attention to the interesting things that are happening around town? Why isn’t a church willing to leverage their ability to gather people from the geographic locale to shine a spot light on something that the church isn’t putting on themselves? Especially anything put on by another church? But it all starts with relational connections.

      There’s a great profile of a European dating sites in Fast Company this month and the entrepreneur points out that in the US, you will go out to a restaurant, or anywhere with your group, sit next to another table and never interact, or even make eye contact with them. But in europe, the culture just allows those stranger interactions to happen. It is nothing other than something emanating out of cultural legacy. To change it, you just need to think about that social convention and realize it is not anything you are really tied to. Why not say hello?

      That reminds me of a post on that very same topic:

  • David Tonen

    Great poost Kenny. I was shocked that this list is so small. I better get with it for my Church! I can see Pintrest being a great way for a church to reveal their real culture. People searching for churches want to get a sense for its “community”. What better way than Pintrest to show ministry in action through pictures. 

    • Kenny Jahng

      Drop your pinterest url when you get your church’s pinboards up and running!

      • David Tonen

        I will. I guess on a personal level, I have still been trying to figure it out for myself. I certainly see the benefits when looking through a marketing lens. I guess the reason I didn’t set up an account for my church initially was because I was under the impression that it was frowned upon for organizations to use it for promotion…but I could be mistaken. What are your thoughts?

        • Kenny Jahng

          I agree with your initial impulse, that you don’t want to use it strictly from a promotional approach.  

          Just like the rest of social media, you trade on relational currency.  The question to ask is what value are you bringing to the relationship?  

          Likewise here, how can your organizational account contribute to the Pinterest community?  Some of suggestions I have included above hopefully will make more sense if you are considering them with this lens.

  • djchuang

    So good to see that you found some more churches on pinterest since I’d pulled a list back in May 2012 – when will your church and churches you have influence over get on Pinterest? :) 

    • Kenny Jahng

      Thanks DJ, I’ll have to see if you found any that I haven’t yet. Should have known that you would have already started a list. ;-)

  • gaither homecoming friends

    It’s really great to see churches utilizing the different social media and internet tools out there. It’s nice to have more of a religious presence on the web!

    • Kenny Jahng

      Yes yes to that!

  • erica

    Great post! Here’s another for the list: Traders Point Christian Church in Indianapolis Indiana

    • Kenny Jahng

      Thanks for the addition!

    • Kenny Jahng

      Thanks for the addition!

  • Angela

    Zion Lutheran Church in Buffalo, Minnesota  :)

  • FUMC Natchitoches

    First United Methodist Natchitoches Louisiana –
    also we are fumcnla on twitter and fb. Soon to me moving into youversion. and debating on the need for things like foursquare, storify, linkedin, etc.

    • Kenny Jahng

      Thanks for adding your pinterest landing page to the list! Looking forward to seeing how your social media outposts proliferate. Remember you want to ensure your presence is active for whichever platforms you choose to embrace as an organization.

  • Lauren Wright
    • Kenny Jahng

      Love your pin boards? Care to share the strategy behind your approach, how/why you created various board topics, and who does your pinning? Volunteers? Staff?

      Keep on pinning!


  • Tim Schraeder

    Hillsong Church – Sydney, Australia -

    • Kenny Jahng

      Thanks for the add Tim!

  • narosko

    422 Church in Philadelphia, PA - 

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  • Matt Calvo
    This is the Pinterest page for Transfiguration Catholic Church in Marietta, GA. I didn’t see it on the list.

  • Mike Brennan

    Check out NewSpring church on Pinterest –

  • nikkirosko

    My church in the Philadelphia area is on Pinterest! Go follow them! :)

  • Terri McKee

    Thriving Life Church, Newtownards, Northern Ireland –

  • Neal F. Fischer

    While not an individual congregation, the Upstate New York Synod, ELCA is on Pinterest at

  • First Presbyterian

    I’m surprised you didn’t find my church: We’ve been pinning for two years.

  • Stuart Wright

    St Mark’s Lutheran Church in Baltimore has an active Pinterest page, at

  • Trinity Tariffville

    We’re on Pinterest, too. Come check us out!


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