Does Your Ministry Have “IT”? Found It? Kept It? Struggled With It? Lost It? Shared It?

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I recently had a conversation about the importance of building rock-solid dynamics and culture for a new (or any church for that matter) church plant with Dave Ingland  — he’s on the frontlines doing kingdomwork on the “left coast”. As a church planter, he can identify with Craig Groeshel of who has undoubtedly encountered this very same issue in his growing multi-site multi-state network of physical church sites (13 and counting?).

Groeshel’s recent book “IT” addresses the “IT” factor which determines whether a particular ministry is set for growth and vibrancy….or not.  So I asked Pastor Dave for his review of the “IT” book.  Enjoy!

It: How Churches And Leaders Can Get It and Keep It is the first book from Craig Groeschel that I have read. If his other books are anything like It, then it is safe to say that if you appreciate Pastor Craig’s gift of preaching, you’ll appreciate his writing style as well—they are both very similar.

It is this essence of Groeschel’s delivery that really helps to connect people to his messages. It’s a very natural, humorous, and engaging form of communication.

Craig Groeschel's IT book

The title suggests that a definition and answer of just what It is will be given. Forget about that happening!

Craig Groeschel shares something tangible in his description of what It is, yet never comes out and declares a definition. We learn what is not It, but have to find out for ourselves just what It is.  That is the beauty of the book!

The “ah-ha!” Moments come when Groeschel’s words connect with your own thoughts and cause sparks to fly and change to happen.

Not only does Pastor Craig share his experiences in his search for It, he also shares insight from other notable leaders such as Perry Noble, Dino Rizzo, Jud Wilhite, Tim Stevens, Herbert Cooper, Mark Driscoll, and Mark Batterson. Each shares their perspective in ways that complement Groeschel’s, yet add individual value and don’t just repeat Craig’s experiences.

Bringing statements like: “Those who have it know it is not about them.” and “It is not a model. It is not a system. It is not the result of a program.” and “When it walks alone, vultures circle and obituaries are written.” in a way that is cohesive and relevant is something that exposes Groeschel’s gift of communication and teaching.

Some churches have it, some don’t. Some churches had it, but lost it and struggle to try finding it again.

Some leaders think they have it, but really don’t. Some leaders try to use it to their advantage, but fail. We all want it and this book not only explains the process, but Craig also shares how we can fight to keep it once we figure it out.

Understanding that it is something we often lose sight of, yet something Satan never takes his eyes off of, can wake us up to the power it.

Another of Pastor Groeschel’s gifts is his transparency. He shares stories of personal and ministry failures through bake sales, Bible studies, church plants, and more. The idea that failure is a natural part of success is evident throughout the book.

Thankfully, Craig is one of those great leaders that get it! He isn’t afraid to share his shortcomings and mis-steps as through his examples, others such as myself can be encouraged and learn from his mistakes. It is this kind of transparency that makes Craig someone that we want to listen to and engage with. It causes him to be real and vulnerable which actually speaks to his strength as a leader and separates him from others.

It is an incredibly valuable asset that no leader should be without. It’s a treasure that I find keeps on giving every time I refer to it. Do you have it? Does it have you? Pick up a copy of Craig Groeschel’s book and find out.

dave-inglandDave Ingland is lead pastor of Revolution Church Sacramento, a new missional church plant forming in the Sacramento, CA area.

Dave is married and has two teenage daughters. When he isn’t building out Revolution Church Sacramento, you can find him blogging at

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