Free Download From Counterfeit Gods by Tim Keller

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It’s almost here. . .Tim Keller’s next book — Counterfeit Gods.

If you’re like me, you’ve already been to’s pre-order page for the book which gives the best deal ($13.46, 33% off now $11.66!) if you’re comparing prices including S&H.  Especially if you have Amazon Prime free shipping like I do.

tim-keller-counterfeit-gods / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

But waiting for October 20, just isn’t good enough for some.  Here’s something for you guys that are in this bucket — a free pdf download from the soon to be released book:


Here’s the promo blurb for the book:

counterfeit-godsSuccess, true love, and the life you’ve always wanted. Many of us placed our faith in these things, believing they held the key to happiness, but with a sneaking suspicion they might not deliver. The recent economic meltdown has cast a harsh new light on these pursuits. In a matter of months, fortunes, marriages, careers, and a secure retirement have disappeared for millions of people. No wonder so many of us feel lost, alone, disenchanted, and resentful. But the truth is that we made lesser gods of these good things – gods that can’t give us what we really need. There is only one God who can wholly satisfy our cravings – and now is the perfect time to meet him again, or for the first time.

The Bible tells us that the human heart is an “idol-factory,” taking good things and making them into idols that drive us. In Counterfeit Gods, Keller applies his trademark approach to show us how a proper understanding of the Bible reveals the unvarnished truth about societal ideals and our own hearts. This powerful message will cement Keller’s reputation as a critical thinker and pastor, and comes at a crucial time—for both the faithful and the skeptical.

What are your first thoughts after reading the free PDF download of Counterfeit Gods?  Please leave a comment below!

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4 responses to Free Download From Counterfeit Gods by Tim Keller

  1. Do you have any suggestions for a good pdf reader for the iPhone that allows you to bookmark, pick up where you left off, etc.?

    • use stanza. You can transfer books over wifi to the iphone. if you spend some time converting your books with calibre you can pick up the official book covers and metadata as well.

  2. I have read this book through and now am using it for a night time women's bible study. It is incredibly soul-searching and thought provoking. The best I have read in a while, and I read everything out there. Churches need to jump on board with this since our culture is so pervasive and seems to overflow into our churches. Keller is spot on. HIs writing is so compelling that it brings the reader right along. And then to have online study questions already out there is so helpful. I usually write my own curriculum but I hardly need to change a thing.

  3. Do you still have a pdf version of this book Counterfeit Gods?

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