Guest Blogger Guidelines

Hey you! So glad you could stop by!  What about sticking around long enough to share some of that awesomeness you do so well?  That’s right — it would be great to have you guest blog for us here on

Here’s some general guidelines that hopefully give you a sense of what should work around here:

  • FOCUSED TOPIC – we love writing that zeroes in on practical topics.  Church marketing tactics, assimilation strategies, case studies, reviews of web-based tools, books & resources.  Help regarding church websites: SEO, social media integration, and how-to’s.
  • ORIGINAL CONTENT – make sure it’s completely new content, not found anywhere else.   So no recycling, no word spinning of previous posts found on your own or other blogs and websites.
  • LENGTH — Most posts should be in the 400-600 word range.  Cornerstone content that dives deeper into a subject is welcome, and can range up to 1250-1500 words if desired.
  • EDITORIAL REVIEW — we reserve the right to do minor edits to your post as it is published.  Don’t worry, we try not to impact the thrust of the content.  Usually, it is small things like grammar, spelling, adding or limiting links from keyword phrases in your text.
  • BIO — we’ll include a 2-3 line bio at the end of the post.  Feel free to include live links back to your own website or social media profile pages — but don’t go crazy with such links, since we’ll limit them to 3 per article back to your own pages.  Usually a 96×96 headshot photo can be included with the post.
  • IMAGINE AN IMAGE — don’t forget to include one relevant image related to the post topic. The standard

Questions?  Use the contact form on this page to share the topic details for what you’d like to submit.

Kenny Jahng