Have You Reached Out And Thanked Someone Lately?

Kenny Jahng —  2013/01/26 — Leave a comment

Everyone wants a pat on the back for a job well done.

Your volunteers and team members deserve a pat on the back.

So what is holding you back from giving some pats on the back?

You might have a outbound marketing strategy, or a social media strategy, but do you have a Thank You Strategy in place?

thank you note from the Pope

Here is a copy of a postcard I got from the Vatican recently where the Pope himself wrote me a handwritten thank you note for helping out at a church event. The postage and postmark are totally legit from Rome, Italy for sure. Of course I love the fact that someone went out of his way to arrange such a fun little gesture.

It stays pinned to my wall at work for anyone to see. I have had several people strike up conversations because of that one little thank you note. I have also been told that a volunteer has pinned one of my thank you notes to their bulletin board at work so they can see it every say. Can you ever imagine where people in your community might talk about how your ministry is so appreciative of their contributions?

What can you do to make thank you notes a regular part of your routine, no matter what specific job or role you are in currently?

My challenge to you this week: send someone you have been working with a short note of thanks I encouragement. In fact, send three. And don’t do it via email. Send it via trusty old snail mail. And sit back and watch how impactful it can be.

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