National Back To Church Sunday & Sub-Audience Targeting

Kenny Jahng —  2013/06/30 — 1 Comment

National Back To Church Messaging

In terms of church messaging, I completely advocate defining and understanding WHO you are intending to reach.

Identifying the Sub-Audience (the “S” in S.W.A.T.) is critical. It is a part of the S.W.A.T. framework that I have developed for strategic communications planning.

One target sub-audience of all churches should be thinking about is those that had exposure to church growing up or in the past, but they aren’t going anymore.  This segment typically has some openness to church and the tennets of Christianity.  Why aren’t you explicitly trying to reach them with your church communications campaigns?

There’s a national campaign called “National Back To Church Sunday” which is designated as September 15, this year.   The campaign website has a lot of resources including videos like this one:

Taking advantage of an “EVENT” is always a great opportunity to plan for and create momentum.  Of course, to maximize the impact, you should start your planning and activities now to prepare for an event a couple of months out from now.

But even after September 15, it begs the question, have you spent enough energy around trying to reach this sub-audience?

What are you doing to reach and influence this sub-group of your community?  How are you positioning your church to them?

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