Pinterest in Church Marketing

Kenny Jahng —  2012/03/20 — 3 Comments

Pinterest is taking the social media scene by storm.

The platform’s users are overwhelmingly women (90%!) as of now. In 5 months, the has gained over 15 million new users.  WOW.

One of the stats that stand out about typical Pinterest behavior that speaks into the potential from a word of mouth marketing perspective is that 80% of of the content on Pinterest is shared content — that’s the essence of what social media is about.   Contrast this with Twitter users, where only 1.4% of the content is passed along (via Retweeting) by other users.

What to make of this?  It means that the chances of content to spread has huge potential on Pinterest.

The mad rush from business is taking place as new teaching content starts to emerge about how to take advantage of the traffic referrals that can happen with content introduced to the Pinterest ecosystem.

Take a look at this infographic that shares some of the interesting aspects of the Pinterest social media platform:

Infographic on Pinterest Basics

The question that arises of course is, what about the church? Can Pinterest be seen as an effective vehicle for church marketing?

I’ve been spending time on Pinterest over the last several weeks now and have started to formalize some approaches for sharing content which in turn drives traffic to the site where the images were originally picked-up.  I hope to share some of these practices in the near future here.

But in the meantime, here is a round-up of various posts that have started to explore how Pinterest might be relevant to church communications:

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3 responses to Pinterest in Church Marketing

  1. What amazes me is the tremendous number of people using Pinterest. I think you are onto something if you can figure out how to spread Christianity over this platform. The whole re-pinning concept is a 21st century example of word-of-mouth story telling and sharing of faith. You might enjoy this cute parody of Pinterest we made as a spoof

    • Ha. Love the video. Also a nice marketing tactic of hopping on a trend (Pinterest here) and making your brand/product/service relevant to it.<p style=”color: #A0A0A8;”>

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