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If you’re involved with ministry on a daily basis, you know that sometimes you need a breath of fresh air once in awhile.

This is what the AHA! web conference look like it is going to be.

It is a free conference that is webcast just like The Nines, recently put on 09/09/09 by Leadership Network.

They’re back, but this time it’s 40 speakers providing 40 great aha! moments.

So sign-up and clear out next Wednesday March 3rd on your calendar.


Here’s why you should register now:

  • It’s FREE.
  • It’s a one-day event, no need to kill your week or weekend
  • Instead of just one or a couple of people going to a conference, you can make it an group event in your church or ministry org.  Put it up on the big screen and inspire everyone on your team!
  • Did I mention, it’s FREE?
  • It’s efficient — you get to hear great content from FORTY leaders in our field in one place.

Are you planning to register?  Please leave a comment with which of the 40 speakers interests you the most right now