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When you produce any messaging for your audience, who are you writing for? Does it really show in your writing?

You see, so many times we end up writing for the wrong “me”

Instead of writing for “me” the reader who is going to end up reading the materials you are producing, many marketers write for “me” — literally themselves. Their writing ends up for their own edification. To serve themselves or their organization. Does this make sense?

user-centric messaging

Check out the awesome packaging I found in medicine aisle at Duane Reade recently. Imagine you have a cold, stuffy nose, cough and/or have a headache at the same time. You need to find something to make you feel better…pronto. When you walk down this aisle, which packages will grab our attention first?

The product marketers here took a very bold move and produced packaging with product copy that completely served the “me” that is the potential customer. Not the corporate brand that is trying to gain market share, brand equity, etc. Nope, this drug maker is completely focused on what is important at that moment in Duane Reade — the sick customer. Wonderful. I love it. Don’t you?

Now look back at your latest marketing collateral piece and tell me if you honestly can say that you produced it with the right “me” in mind.