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This week, my bible study group kicked off a new 8-week series.

Our group is sitting down with Tim Keller over the next two months to go through The Prodigal God DVD-based study curriculum.  I’m excited since going through the book in a group will most definitely be different than my first read of the book when it first came out.

Our first group discussion already brought out some tangible thoughts and questions to chew on:  Just how do you know if you are really relying upon God for all your needs?  Repentance is a concept easily associated with the younger son’s position, but how can I come to a place of repentance for righteous living?  Do we all need to be able to identify with both sons? . . . and many more.  A lot of the questions started to veer towards how can I ensure that the Gospel is reflected in my life — my daily living?  It’s going to be a great study series for all of us.

But today, I have something to get even more excited about.

I found that latest DVD Bible Study curriculum put out by Tim Keller’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church — and it’s called: GOSPEL IN LIFE!

The materials include the Gospel in Life book by Tim Keller as well as an 8-lesson group study guide curriculum to go along with the book.

This is an intensive 8-session course on the gospel. It will the group members explore and understand how it is lived out in all of life—1st in your heart, 2nd in community, and 3rd out into the world. In each session, Timothy Keller presents a 10 minute teaching segment on the gospel. Session 1 opens the course with the theme of the city: your home now, the world that is. Session 8 closes the course with the theme of the eternal city: your heavenly home, the world that is to come. In between, you will look at how the gospel changes your heart, changes your community, and changes how you live in the world.

Each lesson is broken down into a little over 1 hour each:

  • 10 Minutes: A summary of the previous session
  • 20 Minutes: the actual Bible study
  • 10 Minutes: A teaching video by Timothy Keller
  • 25 Minutes: Discussion questions about the message
  • 5 Minutes: An introduction to next session’s homework

Session 1: City – The World That Is

Session 2: Heart – Three Ways To Live

Session 3: Idolatry – The Sin Beneath The Sin

Session 4: Community – The Context for Change

Session 5: Witness – An Alternate City

Session 6: Work – Cultivating The Garden

Session7: Justice – A People for Others

Session 8: Eternity – The World that is to Come

QUESTION:  WHAT BIBLE STUDY CURRICULUM ARE YOU CURRENTLY USING IN YOUR SMALL GROUPS? If you have a link to the publisher’s page for it too, please feel free to share it here too!

Logos Bible Study Software is supposedly the best selling software on the market. It’s available on multiple platforms and is capable of doing tons of things – it’s not your father’s bible study anymore.

In a way, it’s much like the recently launched Glo Bible which is tauted as the hipped something-2.0 Bible. I guess it better be because Glo Bible is $50, some people pay $1,600 for Logos. If you take a look at the overview video of Logos software, you’ll a lot of the things Glo thinks is its differentiator.

But whether you go for the $164 version or the $1,600+ version of Logos for the desktop computer, there’s one version that you should know about. And the best part about this one is that it’s free.

Logos 4 has been pushed to the iPhone and it’s free to download. There’s a bunch of neat things you can do with Logos 4 for iPhone. Don’t pay a dime to look-up text in one of 30 different bibles. If you do have the desktop version of Logos, you can add your iPhone to the sync list of devices and computers Logos will synchronize with updated notes, etc from others in your account.

But even without a desktop running Logos software, the Logos 4 for iPhone seems like a very hand dandy tool by itself.

And if you don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch, don’t worry, you can enjoy all the features and more with what you have now – your desktop. The best part about getting a hold of Logos 4 Bible Study Software for your computer?

There’s a Logos Discount Promo Code: PASTOR (get 25% off base packages)