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Sure, I know that shouting on the street corner about End Times is not the most effective way to invite people into HIS Story.

Most of those explicit, in-your-face methods just aren’t well received, especially when you aren’t contextualizing the message for the audience. Taking an almost literal “spray and pray” approach to evangelism isn’t for me in general.

But there was one little tactic that I never really thought of as a similar “active attack” methods, but did get revealed the other day when someone came over to meet and wanted to connect to my wireless router…so in a way, here’s a confessional for two things that I have done, and I still do from time to time — to poke, prod, provoke some unwitting people to think twice when they come across these messages.

You might think of them as “Wireless Evangelism Tactics,” perhaps? You decide!

1) WiFi Evangelism

Have you ever set-up a network and named two printers on the same network like “Batman” and “Robin” or “Kenny G” and “Jimmy Hendrix” (because Kenny G is all about a smoooooth experience and Jimmy Hendrix is always jammin’!). . .having some fun with what you name your devices?

Well, for one of the routers in our building that happens to be the strongest signal and most reliable, I decided to name it something that we say all the time. . .

Of course, that means my neighbors and anyone nearby trying to find an open hotspot will be exposed to this almighty wifi signal! ūüėÄ

2) Radio Evangelism

As someone that has rented more than my fair share of rental cars, trucks and vans when traveling or even around town, I like to turn on the radio and listen to contemporary Christian music sometimes. So it’s relatively easy to find the local CCM radio station in a given city and turn the dial to it.

The extra step I take is to just HOLD DOWN one of the radio preset buttons down till it beeps. Yup, that’s usually how you set one of the preset buttons on the radio. Simple little step so that every time I get back into the car, I can hop right to the local CCM station I was enjoying the last time.

But I realized that setting one (or two!) of those buttons just increases the chance that the next (few) customers that rent that same car will be exposed to the music “accidentally” too.

So my question is, is that so bad? Seriously? ūüėÄ

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