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Neat research on some of the key differences between how larger churches and smaller churches communicate with their communities.

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Good Use of QR Codes in Church

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Visual communications is simply taking over.  We’re moving away from text to more images, more video and more photography to tell the story when we communicate on the web, mobile and offline.

What’s one tactic that you already know about, but probably really haven’t integrated into your communications streams for your organization?  I’m betting infographics is one of them.

Infographics are popular because they attract attention and people actually pause and take a look at them.  Check out this recent infographic as an example:


So how do you go about venturing into the infographics world?

Check out this quick hit list of 10 infographic resources (free!) for your first one:

  1. Free Vector Infographic Kit – 50 basic vector infographic elements from MediaLoot — free. You should download.

  2. – Create infographics online – beta is free.  NICE service.

  3. – Create interactive charts and infographics.

  4. iCharts – Charts online.

  5. Gliffy – Flowchart, org chart, diagrams, charting software.

  6. Hohli – basic 3-d charts.

  7. Gephi – Open source data visualization

  8. Tableau Public – Free site – charts-friendly

  9. Prefuse – Information visualization software.

  10. Many Eyes – data-heavy visualizations

Have you created infographics for your ministry communications – external or internal?  Please drop a link to your infographics in the comment section below!