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god works outside your comfort zone


Are you good at what you do?

I take pride in working hard at what I do and becoming incrementally better at it as time goes on.  I strive to be creative, focused, effective, impactful, trustworthy, inspiring. . .

But sometimes, that’s not good enough.

Lately, I’ve had the opportunity to zoom out a bit and become self-aware of where I am now with my vocation, my art, my passion.   I’ve been reflecting on that fact that it is relatively easy to become great at what we do as long as it is all about doing just that same thing around which we draw convenient boundaries.

And it’s also easy to forget that sometimes, that is not where we’re called to be.  You’re not meant to live inside that small box.  Because there’s something greater out there just beyond your comfort zone.

Where are you living lately?  Would you share what’s going on in your world with a comment?