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When studying the Word, we’ve come a long way even in the last decade or so as a part of the Google generation.

Information is at our fingertips. The Bible is no different it seems.

Logos is one of the major bible study software platforms out there for pastors, seminarians and others that want to dig deep and utilize all the resources available to study a passage or Biblical topic.

While the Logos Bible Study software package ain’t free, this offer is!


Check out this video below for what Logos Bible Study sent me to give away to our readers here at

All you have to do is leave a comment here below on this blog post page and let us know what is your preferred Bible translation.

Make sure to fill in your name and email address in the comment form so we can contact you in case you are a winner!

We have 3 of these nifty giveaways totally free from the coolio team at Logos Bible Study — Thanks guys!

There’s tons of stuff that you should be doing with your church website.

But at the base of it all, one of the most important things that matter are the 3 C’s for church websites:


Pastors and church webmasters are always struggling on how to churn out relevant content that will pull current church members back to the site more than the first week after announcing the website was revamped, relaunched, etc.

Surveys and polls are a great way, but most implementations to date have been awkward and non-optimal.  Here’s one that someone how gets people to answer multiple questions – it strangely works to get people to answer even looooooonnnnnng surveys with over 100+ questions.

What is the first survey you are going to set-up on your site after reading this post? Please feel free to link to the page on your website that includes a survey or poll to we can see examples in action.

Do you pray?