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So many times the core offering is great, but it falls on dead ears. Why?

Have you ever considered it was because the user experience was lacking?

What if you reinvented the *experience* you are delivering along with your core offering? Most likely, you haven’t paid as much attention to the “post-sale” experience as you do to the crafting of the core offering to your audience targets.

Check out these fast food reinventions of the user experience:




When seeing these new environments, i was impressed. They woke up and realized they needed to consider the people they depend upon — their customers.

If McDonald’s and KFC can pay attention to the experience they offer and really consider how the customer engages with their brand, can’t you too?

What can you do to really ramp up the experience interacting with your organization?

This is one of the silliest videos ever.

But it’s one of the most impactful ever because it is so dead-simple, yet it works.

Get ready to repeat these two magical words as you watch the video:



I love the reasoning for shaking 12 times. Why 12? Because the number 12 —  is the biggest number with just one syllable. HA!

The best part?  It really really works!  It’s kind of amazing that you can get dry hands with just one sheet of paper towel.

It’s mind boggling that if we can get down to 1 towel per person over the course of a year = 571,230,000 lbs of paper saved.  Wow.

Will you try the SHAKE & FOLD yourself?  Please let me know by dropping a quick comment below.


my desk at work - workspace environment

Here’s a photo of my current workspace. The environment in which you work is so important since it effects your ability to focus, concentrate, collaborate, and be creative.

Here are some photos of inspiring corporate workspace environments:

Swatch Office

Three Rings Agency
creative workspace

Switzerland Fed Institute of Tech’s Architectural School
Federal Swiss Institute of Tech creative lab space


Open workspace
team collaboration spaces

Need more inspiration? I love this blog with the tag line “this ain’t no disco, it’s where we work” – great photo galleries of creative work environments from around the world.

What does your current workspace look like?  Go ahead and share a photo of it here below with us.  Whether it looks like a tornado hit or if it is a clean as a clean room.  It would be great to see what the current state of your own workspace environment looks like right this minute.

You can upload to instagram, twitpic, flickr, or other photo site and drop a link below.  Or even embed the image in your reply.  Super users can take a video clip and share a tour of your own space.