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In my marketing communications advisory of nonprofits and churches, I have increasingly been producing infographics for clients’ marketing campaigns. . . because they are effective and they just work in getting the word out.

When we create custom infographics for clients it usually takes about a week or so to turn them around and costs the client anywhere from $500-750 on average to produce.  The results have been phenomenal creating some powerful case studies for integrating visual media into anyone’s marketing communications campaigns.

But for those times where you want to produce a quick infographic, there are other resources out there like Piktochart which can produce interesting visual content for your blog or flyer or other smaller project.  Check out this quick video where you’ll see some screenshots of the menus inside the piktochart online service:


Just earlier this week, I published an infographic that I whipped up using this method:


infographic example



There is of course a learning curve to using the online infographic generator with it’s set of online toolbox because you want to control details of layouts, text placement, etc.

But to be truthful, the real challenge of infographic production is not the graphics but being able to use data in order to tell a story that is compelling.  That’s where the real value is when we create custom infographics for clients.  When we succeed, people get the message and are compelled share or follow the call to action in it.

But if you’re up for dabbling in infographic land in the short term, these online infographic tools are a decent beginning point.


Visual communications is simply taking over.  We’re moving away from text to more images, more video and more photography to tell the story when we communicate on the web, mobile and offline.

What’s one tactic that you already know about, but probably really haven’t integrated into your communications streams for your organization?  I’m betting infographics is one of them.

Infographics are popular because they attract attention and people actually pause and take a look at them.  Check out this recent infographic as an example:


So how do you go about venturing into the infographics world?

Check out this quick hit list of 10 infographic resources (free!) for your first one:

  1. Free Vector Infographic Kit – 50 basic vector infographic elements from MediaLoot — free. You should download.

  2. – Create infographics online – beta is free.  NICE service.

  3. – Create interactive charts and infographics.

  4. iCharts – Charts online.

  5. Gliffy – Flowchart, org chart, diagrams, charting software.

  6. Hohli – basic 3-d charts.

  7. Gephi – Open source data visualization

  8. Tableau Public – Free site – charts-friendly

  9. Prefuse – Information visualization software.

  10. Many Eyes – data-heavy visualizations

Have you created infographics for your ministry communications – external or internal?  Please drop a link to your infographics in the comment section below!