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Building your email list should be one of your top strategic priorities for most projects or campaigns that you are running.  One the web, you want to create landing pages with squeeze page elements which basically force the user to either submit their info to continue one, or back out of the page.  And in order to entice the visitor and squeeze their contact info out of them, it is good practice to communicate the value of the trade.  Many times, this means offering something valuable on the other side of the form.

But how do you build you list offline when you are running an event or better yet, remote somewhere else where you may or may not have access to the internet?

Check out this cool iPad app that MailChimp offers so that you can set-up a kiosk-like setting or even pass around an iPad to get people signed-up for a email list.


Imagine how you can use this app — that doesn’t rely upon an internet connection — to collect contact info in a large group / event setting.

The app is easy to configure and use.  Clean design, just like the main email marketing service at

Mail Chimp iPad App

Imagine if you had an iPad available for first time visitors and offered them a chance to sign-up for your newsletter that comes with an autoresponder email series walking through some of your key staff, background/beliefs, snapshots of community life, links to videos of the top 3 sermon messages from the past year, etc.  Or a 30-day devotional written by your pastor or ministry leaders. Or  . . . .

Check out Chimadeedoo 2 for iPad