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Jack Dorsey speaks in New Jersey

Last week, I shared a video clip from an interview with @Jack, founder of Twitter — he shares an interesting perspective in that conversation that gives a clue to Twitter’s potential and original intention.

Twitter has been a great platform for me over the last couple of years.  I’m getting a chance to see Jack Dorsey in person later this week and it got me thinking about some of the great things that have come out of my Twitter experience to date.


Twitter for churches


  1. Access to people & new relationships –– This is by far one of the biggest advantages of Twitter.  If someone else is on twitter, whether they are a celebrity or successful leader or just an average joe, I know have the potential to connect with them and build a relationship if there is real value in doing so for both sides.  I now routinely converse with people I’ve first met on Twitter like @djchuang or have traded direct messaging with soem of the “big guys” like @rickwarren, @michaelhyatt and @pogue.  This level of access wouldn’t have been possible just a couple of years ago.  The friction around new connections has been radically reduced with social media platforms like Twitter.
  2. Real/near-time updates on various news items.  Next to Google, a Twitter search can yield some great results, especially for topics where there might not have been much time to have a lot of publishing around it just yet.  If it’s just happening, I got to Twitter search vs Google first.
  3. Customer service. It’s been quite helpful to tweet about a customer service #fail and get quick attention to the matter.  When brands care about what is being said about them in the Twitterverse (and more and more brands are coming online), then you can usually get the attention of someone that’s empowered to find a solution.
  4. Traffic to my websites.  When posting a new blog post, I usually share it on Twitter announcing my “new post” — that or other ways to include links to specific blog posts in replies to others.  I have had some decent months where referrals through Twitter click through links have shown up on the radar of my website analytics.  Well written content draws people just like in an other medium.

It will be interesting to see what Jack says about Twitter, especially about where he think we are all going.

What benefits have you found working on Twitter so far?  Please share them below with a comment.

Do you spend time thinking about what’s going on in your city?

Do you pay attention to what’s happening beyond the streets you normally traverse in your commute or daily/weekly routines?

Do you ever go off the beaten path?  Even within your own zip code?

One of the interesting ways to look at social media is to see it as a listening post.  A way to observe and feel the pulse of the city you live in, no matter how big or small it may be.

Before you start spewing a whole slew of social media content to gain the tons of followers you think you can amass, one of the most basic elements (and advantages) of social media over other mediums is its ability to let you visualize in a sense, what people are doing, saying, going around you.

Jack Dorsey on cities

Check out this insightful video interview of Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter and how he came to the current iteration of the social media platform that we know today:

Do you look at social media this way in your usage of the medium?  Are you more concerned with what you have to say vs. what you can see through Twitter and other social media available to you today?  Please leave a comment below.