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As of now, there are 48 fully online churches that exist in the world like and

Full-fledged online communities complete with pastoral leadership and ministry leaders specifically attending to the online participants around the world.  “Online Church Pastor” is new title for many people to find out about.

CNN apparently has recently discovered that thousands of people are gathering online in community via the Internet.

Like many CNN segments, this one is cursory in nature, but at least it helps introduce the masses to this new, but fully-here-to-stay permutation of doing church:

What do you think was the takeaway which the public got from this TV segment? Is it an accurate portrayal of doing church online? Leave your thoughts in a comment below please!

In the age of Facebook, Twitter, Digg and other digital modes of expression, the new Google generation is comfortable with blurring the lines between offline and online worlds.

“Doing church online” is not a big stretch for the up and coming digerati crowd. I’ve been attending the Internet Campus live worship experiences at recently and feel connected to Pastor Brandon or some other brothers and sisters that I’ve met repeatedly during the iCampus worship experiences.

During the week, I trade Twitter tweets and post comments on blogs which explore tangential issues on a deeper level.

Just as in offline churches, the next step is building relationships that invest in each other’s lives based on trust, genuine love and fellowship. is going about forming these LifeGroups amongst the hundreds and hundreds of worship experience participants who show up each week online.

Here’s one example of an Internet ministry that gets it right in reaching out. . . Continue Reading…