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Digital Church Theology and New Media

Today, I had the chance to spend time in NYC with other folks interested in today’s church and new media usage by church leaders and their communities. The New Media Project was the host of todays conference on the Digital Church: Theology & New Media.

For some reason, this conference on the digital future didn’t have any form of content streaming. One of the speakers who runs a large print magazine outfit even commented how he envisioned this conference with live interaction elements with Twitter, etc. He said he thought there would be some monitor with ongoing tweets or some other live connection to new media. He was right, there were a bunch of missed opportunities (i.e. the org’s new website is “under construction” a major no-no in today’s web reality, without the most critical piece, an email capture form that could be building an audience well before they are ready to roll).

Eugene Cho Digital Church Conference
So I did what any self-repecting digitally native participant would do: I lit up a Google+ Handout and invited people to join. (Eugene Cho dropped in while were were chatting away during a break).

It is important to keep investing in your trade, or as Seth Godin calls it, your art. What are you doing to keep yourself moving forward, growing in your own art? Continue Reading…