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If you’re a parent of a pre-teen or teen, you probably have already seen your kids rush to answer that text, IM or Tweet or Facebook message.  For many in the Google generation, checking Facebook for messages is more important than checking email.  In fact, Facebook has automatically issued everyone a email address in hopes to solidify its top of mind and centrality in online communications between friends and associates.

It’s more important that ever for parents to understand what’s at stake and what’s to gain by appreciating and even jumping into social media if you haven’t already.  You’re read about online safety before here.  But beyond safety, is there anything else to gain by embracing social media as a parent?

Recently, Peter Gowesky of interviewed me on the subject.  Take a looksie here and come back to chime in with your own thoughts.

Should Parents Engage in Social Media?


If you’re a parent, have you friended your kids on Facebook or Twitter?  Why have you personally engaged with your kids using social media?  Or why have you avoided embracing it to date?

Today, I had the pleasure of doing something which I believe hasn’t ever been done!

It was a first. A first for me, and most probably a first for the world:


I bet that no one has every pursued seriously theological ponderings in the world of Chuck E.

It was one of the best reading sessions I’ve had. Complete concentration and complete fun with the kids afterwards. I found out that no one bothers or tries to interrupt you when you’re busy with a highlighter and serious reading in front of you at Chuck E. Cheese.  The kids are fully occupied within a couple of feet of me all the while in a contained environment.  And just to put it into context, we’re talking a brand new, two-story, fully renovated with “new carpet smell,” stocked with all the latest video games for $0.125/game facility (and of course, complete with singing animatronics and purell stations throughout!).  A win-win situation, I proclaim!

Go ahead, let the predictable *jokes* comments get posted. Just saying ahead of time that “suffering” can be relative and based on perspective!