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It’s a new year, and you undoubtedly have a shiny new list of objectives to tackle this coming year. You’ve envisioned how you’re going to make it all happen, how you’re going to engage, how you’re supposed to conduct yourself…but is BEING RUTHLESS on your list? It should be. And oh yes, it’s still going to be a great year.

According to Harvard Business School, one of the big ideas is that how you prioritize your time and energy against your projects and tasks is critical to your potential successs. How true it is.


You have to be RUTHLESS in your prioritization – which means including one more dimension of consideration in your planning: One of the key tips from the HSB article is kind of eye opening for me… Instead of writing down all the stuff you have to do and then do the usual sort, kill and delegate, they recommend including another perspective.

Figure out how much total time you have first to work — treat your time available to work as a limited resource and then you can allocate that accordingly against the priorities you’ve set ruthlessly.

When you figure out exactly where you’re spending your time currently, you’ll mostly likely be surprised. This is what I call the Quicken Effect. When people start using Quicken on the computer to track ALL their spending, and see the graphs and charts showing them exactly where their money is going, they go into utter shock. The spending habits are clearly not in line with their conceptual ones. The same thing goes with where you are spending your time. You are most probably NOT spending your time where you THINK you are.

The suggestion is to take the highest priority tasks and knock those out first taking into consideration how much time you actually have available to work today, this week, this month, etc.

If you take the time to be ruthless first, you’ll have the time and energy to be accomodating in the end.

What other time management tactics do you use to help you make the most of your schedule? Please share one with us in the comment section below!