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Tomorrow is another day, another week.  That means that Sunday evening is a time unwind, rewind, and re-focus the mind.

Here’s a personal praxis of mine which I wanted to share with you since it has come up twice recently with some friends in conversation.  I thought it might be useful to share this with you, but also to solicit input from you too as to what you are doing, or what you think could help improve this weekly exercise.

Basically, I find the time toward the end of every week to pause and ask myself 5 questions about the week that just passed as well as the week ahead.  Michael Hyatt and others suggest you review your life plan topline objectives each and every day so you can keep you eye on the prize and have better operational discernment as things come up.

Self reflective power questions for better productivity

Similarly, these 5 questions help me re-tune/re-align my energy and focus using self-reflective feedback as well as revisiting strategic vision on a regular basis. I’m finding that one of the biggest benefits is that the result gives me permission to take more things off my plate every week because they are not supportive of where I’m trying to go in the big picture. It helps me pour more into the activities, programs and people who are important to me.

Here’s a short video clip sharing the 5 questions I ask myself at the end of every week:


What I do is have an actual printout with the questions on the page multiple times.  Then I cut out the paper strips containing all 5 questions each so that each strip can be easily pasted into a blank book journal like a MoleSkine.  And then I go through and answer each question one of a time and write out or draw out my response.  Being able to look back at some of the previous responses has been very instructive too.

I would love your feedback. If you’ve never done anything like this, is it something you might try out? 

What are your thoughts on making sure to hit these 5 questions weekly? Is it worth being self-aware of these things and carving out precious time in the schedule to accomplish it each and every week?  What other questions would you ask of yourself?