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Peering into the future is something that TED talks often do.

Somehow Religion doesn’t usually make it as a regular topic for the think tank conference phenomenon.

And while Billy Graham has spoken in over 100 countries in his lifetime, somehow, the TED audience is not something he’s used to.  But when Rev. Graham shows up, everyone in the crowd welcomed him with raucous applause — pleasantly surprising to me, personally.

It is interesting to see his reflections on technology + faith and the future.

Rev. Graham talks about three aspects of humanity and the application of technology. . . Continue Reading…

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t take a jab at the Church with a capital “C” regarding technology of the day?

We are living in a 2.0 world and the Church always seems to be struggling just to stay awake and alive in a 1.0 world mode, right?

Well, this is not just a recent phenomena apparently.

That’s right, back in the day, and I mean back in the olden times, the early church had trouble with adopting new technologies too!

Thankfully, the help desk was around back then too though.

Take a look yourself at the video below documenting the upgrade experience from Biblical scrolls to bound books:


In the Catholic faith, it is customary to enter the church and then dip your fingers in the Holy Water made available up front and then make the sign of the cross. It is a reminder of the baptism that one has made into the church body.

ODD-US-ITALY-FLU-HOLYWATER-ODDEven though the Holy Water is not meant to be injested, some churches are taking the fears of the times into consideration. Here, the pesky old H1N1 fears have taken hold today.

Check out this invention: sanitized Holy Water dispensers . . .

But can HOLY water be sanitized? Does sanitization change the nature of the Holy Water — as transubstantiation does in the Catholic tradition to the bread and wine of the Eucharist?

Necessary? Profound? Irrelevant? Just curious, what’s your reaction to this?