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Doesn’t it feel like January and February just flew in a wink?!  Spring should be here soon….I hope.

I guess I’m ignoring the truth that Punxsutawney Phil already determined weeks ago that it ain’t going to warm up anytime soon.  So it was no suprise that I did not want to get up out from safety of our warm cozy bed for church on Sunday morning just yet.

Alas, the oasis of that early Sunday morning was invaded by our two kids barreling into our room and joining us under the covers.  It is one of the few times during the week when we have some breathing room at the start of the day together (church is at 9:30am vs. 7:55am drop off at school on weekdays!).

The one thing that surprises me every time about my kids are just how astute they are at noticing things.

Of course, my daughter immediately urged me, “DAD!  Move over! Move over!”  Standing my ground, I didn’t budge.  It was time to try harder and burrow deeper to make a big burrito with myself and any scrap of the blankets I could snag.

But that’s when she insisted: “Move over! You’re on top of something!”

And sure enough, there it was. . . Continue Reading…