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I’m excited to share a little project that I’m involved with at Liquid Church of New Jersey — through which we’re hopeing to bring a little joy to the world this Christmas Eve.

How — you ask?

How about by organizing the world’s first virtual Christmas choir made up of singers from around the world wide web.

Whether they’re soldiers in the Middle East, moms in Estonia or students in Phoenix, Arizona, the church will leverage technology to synchronize individual singers into a unified choir rendition of Silent Night.

The sermon message for Christmas eve will touch upon how the body of Christ can come together as one voiceAnd so this project is a nice tie-in to the message while providing something fresh at Christmas.


The project actually arose from the fact that Liquid not only has over 2,000 people who attend our church services each week, but thousands more come to church online or download any of the hundreds of podcast files each month.  One question that we asked ourselves was: How do we increase interactivity and sharability at the same time?  Well, a guy named Eric Whitacre recently presented at TED about a virtual choir he assembled by harnessing the connectivity of the web.

And in a simliar way, we decided to ask our people at our campuses and across the web to help spread the Christmas cheer together this year with us by getting involved.

Singers are given access to sheet music, music tracks and a video-recorded conductor so that anyone can record and upload their contribution to YouTube. Liquid Church’s media team will then assemble a composite video production that integrates all of the individual videos into one large-scale synchronized video rendering for the Christmas Virtual Choir.

Participation in the Christmas Virtual Choir is open to everyone around the globe.  And it’s easy-peasy.  Here’s my own video submission for the Silent Night song:

The deadline for those who want to participate in the choir is December 15th. Instructions are available at

The Christmas Virtual Choir’s performance will occur at six live Christmas Eve services in New Jersey on December 24th held by Liquid Church as well as church online services that weekend.


Aetheist 2.0

godvertiser —  2009/10/01 — 5 Comments

When engaging the world in our now post-Christian times, I really feel that the Church needs to perk up its ears to the message that atheists are pushing against the existence of God. The campaigns are getting more sophisticated, media savvy and loud.

This video is fast and fluid and you’ll feel the persuasiveness as the message proceeds:

Aside from the petty, but gross misunderstanding shown in the portrayal of Christian’s imposition upon others, how do you respond to this type of bold argument?

For me, I see that if you take a moment to think about the path of this argument, you’ll understand that some basic epistemological criteria are ignored in dealing with supernatural issues. One area I think those that want to pursue atheistic positions should consider further is the assumption that subjective experiences cannot be used as evidence for assessing objective reality. Or whether logic and reason can be relied upon solely in determining God does NOT exist. The Christian claim is supernatural. It ain’t logical at all.

If we are to be called heralds for God, we seriously need to understand the campaign against God and the Church. Listening to their pitch is the first step.

How do you respond to this specific video? How do you respond to the atheist of today?