Tim Keller at Google HQ speaking about Meaning of Marriage [video]

Kenny Jahng —  2011/12/05 — Leave a comment

If you’re a Christian techie, two of the big names to take note of might be:

  • Tim Keller
  • Google

Well, what happens when they intersect?

Basically you get Tim Keller speaking at Google HQ in their Authors@Google series.

Dr. Keller has spoken there before, and it’s one of the the more popular videos (approaching 200,000 views) on the web featuring Dr. Keller.

The latest book out of Redeemer City to City‘s Content Labs is The Meaning of Marriage.


So Google’s invited him back to talk about the book and the Christian view of Marriage.   Take a looksie at the hour long talk . . .

One of the interesting (perhaps controversial) tidbids he puts out there in this talk is about gender and marriage. He touches on the Christian view of marriage — is for character building. Meaning. . .to bring to bring the two diametrically different genders together — they “clash” in a way to rub off the edges that each other carries. But we also “mesh,” in complementary ways. And it is in those two ways that we complete each other. Much of what marriage is supposed to do can only happen within traditional husband-wife unions.

For those of you missed his first visit in 2008, back when he published The Reason for God, here’s the video of that appearance:

Speaking at gigs like this is very different than preaching 3-point sermons. But he certainly employs the Tim Keller approach to presenting.

What did you notice about this talk?  Leave a comment below.

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