Top 5 Things I Learned About Promoting My Content Online

Kenny Jahng —  2014/08/01 — 1 Comment

megaphone Today’s post is from Gangai Victor who leads an interesting blog and community over at I recently asked Gangai to share with us some of the learnings he’s gained from the “publishing” side of things regarding his platform and social media presence. Please engage with questions by dropping them in a comment below the post!


Self-publishing original content online is pretty easy these days—there are loads of free platforms out there to help us. If it’s a blog, there’s If it’s a book, say hello to Kindle. If it’s music, Noisetrade is ready to show us some love.

The challenge is more to do with promoting our work or ourselves without coming off as spammy marketers!

Here are some tips that I’ve learned from experience and from others that could help you in this regard:

How to balance creation and promotion in the Kingdom

1. Never lose sight of the real goal

The truth is our purpose needs to be God promotion. Let’s let go of our selfish ‘ministry ambitions’ and focus on making the Name of Jesus famous instead. It’s the best path to attain contentment and discarding frustration.

When our focus is right, there’s no need to hesitate putting ourselves and our creations out there. So step out boldly and go for it!

2. Utility matters

People trust those who create and/or share useful content; and when people trust you, they will come back to you for more. Don’t be that guy who constantly posts links from his blogs and nothing else on Twitter 24/7. Instead, post and share stuff that is helpful and good for others.

3. Avoid the numbers game

Stop measuring success by the number of blog comments, Facebook likes or Twitter retweets—that’s not our real game. Find joy in helping a few people, maybe just one person.

Some time ago, my wife was going through a rough time personally and was at a particularly low one evening. At a loss for words to help her, I simply placed a pair of headphones on her head  and played a lament I had just recorded. The song met her where she was and ministered to her.

I doubt that song will ever become a famous hit worship song, but it helped one person one time and that’s good enough in the Kingdom!

4. Reach out

Share other people’s content more than yours. Ask and answer questions. Comment on other blogs. Be willing to meet people. Converse.

5. Controversy isn’t always bad

My first post at Church Mag caused another blogger to write a counter post, which was later shared by a popular community website. It ended up triggering conversation and discussion about leading worship on 3 different websites! So don’t be afraid to write content that may not be liked by everyone.

Do you struggle with promoting your works? Afraid to lose the ‘humble person’ tag? Why don’t you leave a comment and share your thoughts on this?


Gangai-VictorGangai Victor is a worship leader/trainer/blogger from Chennai, India. Author of The Worship Kenbook. For more of his writing, you can visit his blog, Votive Praise. You can also connect with Gangai on Twitter @votivepraise.

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