Vocation or Vacation?

Kenny Jahng —  2013/12/07 — 2 Comments

Seth Godin quote on life, vocation and vacation

Are you compartmentalizing you your vocation from your vacation?

Do you live to work or work to live?  Or is there a third option?

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2 responses to Vocation or Vacation?

  1. Not to come out of the blocks as the contrarian — but you know me, so … 😉 — but I think Godin’s question and the assumptions here are rich people’s concerns. Some people really do need to escape from their work which, it seems to me, means that there is some segment of each of our lives that we really do need to retreat from. Why have a Sabbath otherwise (defined as you will)?

    • Howard,

      Totally agree in a certain sense.

      BUT to push back a little bit my contrarian friend — First, is it wrong to have this discussion for those that have the margin and ability to craft their vocational activities?

      Second, I think this challenge could also be taken by anyone in any socio-economic class/circumstance regarding their work. The Bible shows us that we don’t have to take the popular view of work as a trap (work to live) and all that this victim’s mentality brings with it. I like how the Theology of Work site puts it: “How you work is at least as important to God as what job or profession you have. In every job, you have at least some opportunity to meet people’s needs, to employ your gifts and skills, and to express — or discover — your deepest desires. Your decision every day to serve God today is more important than positioning yourself for the right job tomorrow. [planning an escape from it] ” ( http://www.theologyofwork.org/key-topics/vocation-overview-article/discerning-gods-guidance-to-a-particular-kind-of-work/discerning-gods-guidance-for-how-you-work/) In general, don’t you think an attitude of gratitude will bring what Psalm 15:13 says: A joyful heart makes a cheerful face, But when the heart is sad, the spirit is broken?

      Lastly, as for Sabbath, I believe there’s probably a difference between escape and retreat. Sabbath, yes. Regularly, yes.

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