Ways In Which Evangelism Must Be Different Today According To Tim Keller

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I’m excited to join the vidcast tomorrow of Tim Keller and the Leadership Summit people over at Willow Creek.

But in the meantime, take a look at this interview where Tim Keller talks about the 4 or 5 ways in which evangelism must be different today in order to be impactful.

One of Dr. Keller’s key points specifically applies to urban centers, such as Redeemer’s setting: NYC.  He talks about how critical it is for the Church to really provide the tools, resources, modeling and teaching to its people how to integrate their faith **in** their work.

IMHO, he is spot-on in that cities tend to have more vocationally focused people (people who live to work, vs. work to live), so building out ministries such as www.faithandwork.org is quite mandatory if there is to be any impact.

But the lesson can be applied to much broader applications.  The Church today can’t just teach objective knowledge about the Bible.  It can’t just focus upon spiritual praxis.  It can’t just just provide moral teachings as well.   Not anymore.

When non-Christians are exposed to the Church’s message, they really need to see how it looks like if they were to step into the light.

The only way to do that is to build communities where this intentional integration of the Gospel into vocation that Dr. Keller talks about is vibrantly embraced and highly visible.

The new rules and approach to evangelism now take on a wholistic ministry approach.  You do see that, right?

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One response to Ways In Which Evangelism Must Be Different Today According To Tim Keller

  1. Thanks for sharing Tim's talk.
    Actually, what Christianity gave to humanity by serving the sick, the old folks, unwanted children from Antiquity on through the centuries up to now in almost every country on earth: this won people over, time and again. … even though it's a 'stand alone' feature of the Kingdom of Jesus: it's not primarily a way to win people over but a genuine expression of the love of God in us, for us, through us.

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