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Kenny Jahng —  2009/08/28 — 1 Comment

Tim Keller was recently featured as one of the headliners at this year’s Leadership Summit put on by Willow Creek.

Some of the other speakers on the list are favorites of mine too including Jessica Jackley (the best $25 you’ll spend this year if you try out, Dave Gibbons (Monkey and the Fish and if you’re ever in southern CA, you must visit New Song Church) and Chip and Dan Heath (awesome book! Made to Stick from the moment you see the book cover jacket in person you’ll understand why).


But back to Dr. Keller. . .

Personally, I wasn’t able to make it, since I was evergreening in another state during the same week.  But for those of you who also didn’t make it to Leadership Summit this August and/or are just plain ol’ Tim Keller fans, here’s your chance to ask him a question yourself!

Plus you’ll get to listen to him live on an audiocast.  He’s scheduled for a post-Summit event where he’ll take questions about his 2009 Leadership Summit session, his book The Prodigal God, and his upcoming book Counterfeit Gods (Amazon is taking pre-orders).

Rev. Dr. Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Wednesday, September 23, 2009   12:00 PM CDT

REGISTER HERE (free!) and ask Tim Keller your question

So while you’re coming up with your profound theological question to submit to Dr. Keller, how about sharing it with us too in the comments section here?

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