Your Social Media Presence Needs Vision

Kenny Jahng —  2014/07/15 — 5 Comments
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They, your church attenders, don’t want another verse from John in their News Feed.
What if you social media presence was used strategically? What if you didn’t only promote your church, but was a positive influence in your community. You can help others and grow your church through social media, but it will require more strategy and less random verses.

Most likely the youngest or the techie (or trekkie) got the job of social media point person. They might be the best person, but they need vision on how to use your church’s social media presence. You need to speak vision into your online strategy. You need to move beyond just a Facebook page to having an online community. The first step is integrating your social media and other online ventures into your overall strategy.

Here are my four social media tips summarized:

1. Align your social presence with your church’s vision (Think: strategry)

2. Write down your daily post topics and times of posting (Think: calendar)

3. Use photo templates to promote series and extend the reach of each post (Think: brand)

4. Positively lift others up through engaging your online connections (Think: pastoral care)

The secret to social media is to treat others on your social media channels, as you want to be treated.
I write more about this topic in my new eBook “Social Media Made Easy for Small Businesses” available at

Jay-KrandaJay Kranda is the Online Campus Pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA. Jay oversees: Saddleback’s 167 online services that attract over 23,000 people weekly,  1,200 small groups gathering non-locally, and 63 extensions. To learn more about the ever changing and evolving world of church online visit



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5 responses to Your Social Media Presence Needs Vision

  1. Hi, I’ve been reading this section of your Blog with interest and it reminds me of the poem that was once shared with me sometime ago, you may have read it before but here it is below anyway for you to share with perhaps others who haven’t read it . God Bless Paul <

    Did Jesus use a modem at the sermon on the mount?
    Did He have to be on iTunes for His ministry to count?
    Did He ever use a fax machine to get His message out?

    Did the disciples carry iPhones as they went out and about?
    Did Paul use a laptop with lots of RAM and ROM?
    Did he use an email address, such as

    Did he always have to hear God's word on his personal iPod?
    Did he need his Bose earphones if he wanted to hear from god?
    Did Moses use a joystick at the parting of the sea?

    Did he need a satellite GPS to show him where to be?
    Did he receive the commandments on tablets or only on CD?
    Did he really lead the exodus, or was it just on DVD?"

    If in your life the voice of God is sometimes hard to hear,
    With other voices calling, His doesn't touch your ear.
    Then set aside that iPod.
    Unplug that fancy gear
    And open up your Bible
    And talk to God in prayer.

    – Author unknown –

  2. Digamos que mi iniciación en estos menesteres fue con esta mujer y bueno… no sé si exista algo más allá… épico! Paz (todoterreno) te mando un beso y ojalá haya oportunidad de compartir otra tarde como la de hoy más adelante… igual e invitamos a Eva… jejeje saludos!!!!

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